Buster Sanitation Services, Inc.

Residential Services

Buster Sanitation Services, Inc. is your local environmental services expert. Contact us for customized waste, recyclable, and clean-up services available for you.


If you would like to start or stop disposal and recycling service with your local AREA company, please call 217-245-7204.

We offer a wide range of services designed to fit your environmental management needs.

  • Curbside Waste Collection

    Courteous and dependable professionals collect your residential waste according to your personalized service schedule.

  • Recyclable Waste Collection

    We are committed to sustainable practices and welcome the opportunity to collect and deliver your recyclable waste for processing.

  • Yard Waste Collection

    We take the hassle out of yard waste disposal.

  • Roll-Out Cart Rental

    Roll-out carts make getting your waste to the curb effortless.

  • Bulky Item and White Good Collection

    Our team of professionals will collect your old furniture, appliances, and other bulky items for disposal.

  • Bulky Item and White Good Drop-Off Sites

    Bring your bulky items to one of our drop-off sites and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Environmental Services

    As a PDC/AREA affiliate, we offer a wide range of environmental services, including waste treatment, transportation and disposal, recycling, engineering, brokerage, and laboratory services.

  • Temporary Container Services

    For occasional, specialized waste collection needs, we offer large container rental services. 

  • Recycling & Transfer Facility

    This waste and recyclable drop-off site also serves as a transfer station that consolidates waste and recyclables when nearby landfill space is unavailable. In a process that saves thousands of dollars in fuel and wear-and-tear upon public roads, waste is deposited here from collection vehicles then consolidated on larger trucks for shipment to other landfills and recycling companies.

Contact Information

Buster Sanitation Services, Inc.
2263 State Highway 104
Jacksonville, IL 62650
Phone: 217-245-7204
Fax: 217-245-4043