Clinton Landfill, Inc.

Residential Services

Clinton Landfill, Inc. provides solid waste disposal services in accordance with strict regulations to ensure groundwater, soil, and public safety.


9550 Heritage Road Clinton, IL 61727

Business Hours

Mon - Fri 6:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sat 6:00 am - 10:00 am

Accepted Materials

Municipal Solid Waste
Special Waste
Non-special waste

Quick Facts

Facility Size
266 acres (approximately)
Estimated Life
53 years
Remaining Capacity
55 million cubic yards (gate)
Stormwater Controls
Run-off containment system with sediment basins
Landfill Gas
Landfill gas-to-electricity plant plus two flares
Liner/Leachate System
Synthetic liner – 60 mil HDPE, double lined
with sandwiched geocomposite clay liner in
critical areas; 3-foot compacted clay liner;
leachate collection, containment and
recirculation systems
Daily Cover
6-inch random fill or synthetic fabric
Final Cover
1-foot compacted clay, 40 mil HDPE, 3-foot cover soil with vegetation
Groundwater Monitoring
51 wells
43 downgradient; 8 upgradient
IEPA BOL 2005-070-FF
IEPA BOA 99110015
Pollution Liability Insurance
$10,000,000 per loss
$20,000,000 aggregate

If you would like to start or stop disposal and recycling service with your local AREA company, please call 217.935.8028.

We offer a wide range of services designed to fit your environmental management needs.

  • Subtitle D Disposal

    Providing direct disposal of non-hazardous waste in a MSWLF meeting the requirements of RCRA Subtitle D.

  • Solidification of Liquid Special Wastes

    Using reagents and absorbents, this service provides solidification of liquid industrial process or pollution control waste prior to disposal in a Subtitle D landfill.

Contact Information

Clinton Landfill, Inc.
9550 Heritage Road
Clinton, IL 61727
Phone: 217.935.8028
Fax: 217.935.5602