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PDC Services, Inc. is your local environmental services expert. Contact us for customized waste, recyclable, and clean-up services available for you.


If you would like to start or stop disposal and recycling service with your local AREA company, please call 309-674-5176.

PDC is responsible for residential trash and recycling pickup for the city of Peoria and parts of Peoria county. A family-owned, local company with deep roots in the community, we're excited about the opportunity to provide these essential services in our home town, and we've been working hard to ensure the transition will be a positive experience for everyone involved.

PDC is especially excited to offer the city of Peoria a unique recycling program that will be free to residents.

Recycling services information

Sign Up

To sign up for recycling service, complete and submit our online registration form or call 309.674.5176 (select option 1).


PDC offers recycling pick-up to all Peoria residents at no charge. Residents who sign up will pay a one-time refundable deposit of $50 for a 95-gallon roll-out container.

Collection schedules

Recyclable materials will be collected once a month on a Friday in order to reduce the cost and environmental impact of the program. Recycling customers will receive a yearly calendar reminding them when they need to have their recycling set out for collection. In addition, recycling customers have the option to receive a monthly e-mail reminder prior to their collection day. For more information, click on the schedules below, that relate to your current trash and yard waste collection.

2013 Peoria Pickup Schedule

PDC will pick up residential recyclables in your area one Friday each month. Download our 2013 Recycling Pickup Schedule for a complete recycling pickup listing and find out which Friday of the month your recyclables will be picked up.

Peoria Residential Holiday Schedule

All PDC residential service will be delayed 1 day to observe New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. All residential pickup will be picked up on the following business day, with Saturday being an additional catch-up day.

Accepted Recycling Materials

Download a list of accepted recycling materials to learn about the types of items that can and cannot be recycled.

Recycling Drop-off Centers

Peoria County also maintains several Recycling Drop-off Centers. Download a list of Recycling Drop-off Center locations and accepted materials.

General Services FAQ's

As your waste and recycling collector, PDC is committed to keeping you as informed as possible. To that end, we've provided answers to commonly asked questions below. As always, we welcome any further questions or comments you may have.

How can I get in touch with PDC?

If you have questions or need to speak with someone at PDC regarding your trash or recycling service, you can email us at peoriainfo@pdcarea.com or call 309.674.5176 (select Option 1).

Where can I get more information on City of Peoria Waste Collection Services?

For more information on waste collection services that are available to City of Peoria residents click here to download the waste collection services form.

How can I get more information from the City of Peoria about residential trash and recycling services?

Visit the Peoria Public Works department's web page: http://www.ci.peoria.il.us/public-works. Or call 309.494-8554.

What do trash pickup routes and schedules look like?

Feel free to download our Garbage Collection Day Map and confirm the pickup day each week for your location.

Download your Trash Pickup Schedule using the links below (by day of the week).

What services do you offer to residential customers?

In addition to trash, recycling and landscape waste collection for all Peoria residents, PDC offers a wide range of environmental services. For more information, visit the services page on our web site.

Where can I find more information about PDC trash containers?

PDC has a 95-gallon trash container available to Peoria residential customers. The container comes equipped with heavy-duty wheels for easy transfer to and from the street. If you would like additional information about ordering a new PDC container, you can email us at peoriainfo@pdcarea.com or call 309.674.5176 (select Option 1). Rental cost per month per cart is $2.50 per month or you may purchase for $65.00 for each cart.

Where can I find information about yard waste collection?

PDC offers yard waste collection to Peoria residents each year April 1 - November 30.

Yard waste will be collected on a weekly basis on the same day as your garbage collection. Set out containers by 6:00 a.m. to ensure collection. For more information on yard waste rules, requirements, and collection services that are available to City of Peoria residents, click here to download the waste collection services form.

We are equipped to handle all of your specialized environmental management needs. To ensure safe and accurate management of your specialized services, please select, complete, and submit an appropriate form below.

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We offer a wide range of services designed to fit your environmental management needs.

  • Curbside Waste Collection

    Courteous and dependable professionals collect your residential waste according to your personalized service schedule.

  • Recyclable Waste Collection

    We are committed to sustainable practices and welcome the opportunity to collect and deliver your recyclable waste for processing.

  • Yard Waste Collection

    We take the hassle out of yard waste disposal.

  • Roll-Out Cart Rental

    Roll-out carts make getting your waste to the curb effortless.

  • Bulky Item and White Good Collection

    Our team of professionals will collect your old furniture, appliances, and other bulky items for disposal.

  • Bulky Item and White Good Drop-Off Sites

    Bring your bulky items to one of our drop-off sites and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Environmental Services

    As a PDC/AREA affiliate, we offer a wide range of environmental services, including waste treatment, transportation and disposal, recycling, engineering, brokerage, and laboratory services.

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